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You'll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, live music is such a great addition to those memories!

I have been performing at weddings professionally since 2017, and I love it!

Being asked to be a part of someone's wedding day is such a compliment, and I'll do everything I can to help make it perfect. 

I can provide you with live music for individual parts of your day, create bespoke bundle packages, or even provide the entertainment for your whole day! 

Booking live music for your day doesn't have to be another stressful job on your to do list, let's have a chat about it!

  • 15 min as your guests take their seats

  • A song for you to walk down the aisle to

  • Two songs while you both sign the register

  • A song for you both walking back up the aisle as a married couple! 

  • Two sets of 45 minutes during your reception drinks

  • Playlist before, after and between the sets

  • Two sets of 45 minutes after your speeches

  • Playlist between & after the sets

  • Two sets of 45 minutes during your evening reception

  • First dance included

  • Playlist until midnight (suitable for smaller weddings)

  • Pre ceremony set

  • Room change set

  • Bespoke song written for your day

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